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  1. Jan Dixon says:

    So sorry this happened to you.  Be sure to back everything up now or put it on  the OneDrive .  I meant to call you right after I saw you post about losing everything and try to get you to bring it to some place like Lowe’s, because they were successful at finding all the files that I lost a while back.  But all is well that ends well, and I’m glad you are up and running in spite of that bit of bad luck.   Your photography is amazing, and so I know your business will be a smash hit, and actually already is!  Actually, I’d say, it is “picture perfect”!!  

  2. Junelle Gatza says:

    We hate that this happened to you, but so love your positive attitude!  And we are so thankful for Michael and his unselfish willingness to help you through this crisis!

  3. Marti Chandler says:

    I love y’all!

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