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Sarah & david's ashton gardens wedding

"Sarah loves everything vintage and included touches of vintage all around their wedding. Their reception ballroom was filled with vintage cameras, books, pearls, and photographs of loved ones no longer here with us..."

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Our Bathroom Renovation – Before & After You guys….. the bathroom renovation saga has FINALLY ended!! After a year and a half (that’s right…a year and a half) we finally finished our bathroom!! When we were touring our house for the first time, we loved so much about it but we hated the bathroom. We […]

Our Bathroom Renovation


Southern Bride Magazine Feature We’re in Southern Bride Magazine!!! *cue the confetti!* We’re so excited for Laith and Nedaa! Their wedding was featured in Southern Bride Magazine’s Summer/ Fall 2018 issue! This is our second magazine feature in less than a year and I still have to pinch myself when I open the pages. Michael […]

Southern Bride Magazine Feature


The Bond With Your Spouse – Personal Yesterday, we laid to rest a family friend that had been married to his wife for almost sixty years. Sixty years. As I sat there in the pew during the funeral service, my heart ached for his wife. After sixty years of love and devotion, she’s separated from […]

The Bond With Your Spouse


The Travel Section – Paris When Michael and I were planning our trip to Europe, Paris wasn’t even on the top of our list.  We knew we really wanted to go to Italy and Germany so we were really focused over there.  So when we started looking at flights, we had sticker shock at flights […]

Paris Top 10

The Travel Section, Personal

A Day at Versailles My first visit to Versailles, my camera battery died not even half way through and I didn’t know near as much about photography as I do now.  I had this little pink point and shoot camera that I’m pretty sure I bought just because it was pink.  Fast forward six years […]

A Day at Versailles

Personal, The Travel Section

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